Italo Contenla, Steven Cohn and Nicolas Lipthay founded KITCORP S.A.
The Company was founded with the goal of being a major player in the Retail construction market.
KITCORP consolidates a growing customer base focused on construction and commercial equipment. NIKE, NIVEA AND BCI BANK are the most important clients of the first period.
We moved to our 1st factory and office all together.
Since this year we are working with ADIDAS, we have built more than 45 stores.
KITCORP publishes its first store abroad, Wallpaper selects CONTRAPUNTO BOOK STORE to be part of the RETAIL DIRECTORY of this year.
KITCORP receives an invitation from ENDEAVOR to be part of the entrepreneurs network, with this it receives a consultancy to consolidate its business model and redirect its offer to the market from being a supplier to becoming an strategic partner. KITCORP moves to their first office; 200 mts2.

KITCORP moves to their first factory; 1200 mts2.KITCORP develops and implements the new face of BANCO BCI nationwide; 120 branches.
KITCORP is chosen from more than 1000 companies to be part of ENDEAVOR; Foundation that promotes entrepreneurship and employment generation.

KITCORP won the first price for the designing and building of the MOVISTAR flag ship store.

KITCORP develops and implements the new face of ING nationwide.
KITCORP inaugurates its new corporate office, more than 450 mts2, which houses all the business areas of the company; administration, construction, architecture and the commercial area.

KITCORP is chosen to design and implement the first PREMIER branch of Banco BBVA.
KITCORP receives the commissioning of more than 20 stores in Costanera Center.

KITCORP consolidates its relation with KOMAX group , establishing a framework agreement to execute GAP and Banana Republic stores.

KITCORP wins the competition to design the interior of PARQUE ARAUCO MALL; more than
126.000 mts2.
KITCORP opens its new production of furniture and merchandising, leaving more than 2000 mts2 of warehouse available for logistics.
Main Office
Av. Santa Clara 301, of 7807 Edificio Patio Mayor 301
Ciudad Empresarial, Huechuraba - Santiago
Phone: +562 2440495 / +562 2479315 / +562 2479316
Fax: +562 2479318