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A good design should be powerful, creative, functional and efficient in terms of investment. We are experts in the architecture and design of commercial spaces, and we consider this ability an instrument that should be used to achieve the commercial interests of our clients. This characteristic has brought us to act as local architects for important global brands, overseeing the flawless implementation of their international guidelines and technical specifications.

We have served as local architects and designers for brands such as Adidas, Armani, Mandarina Duck and Reebok, among others.

We produce specialized interior furnishings in series, display systems, iron fittings, merchandising, P.O.P., branding supports, corporate structures and media, designed both by KITCORP and third parties. We also implement unit requirements and series processes with national coverage and logistics.

Controlling the design and technical specialties processes yields an equation that passes efficiency on to the client in work execution timeframes.
In a medium where construction is a commodity, the synergy of our services generates savings in execution periods fundamental for getting a store or branch up and running.

Present in institutional, corporate and retail projects throughout the country.
Knowing about retail means knowing about processes, mechanics and procedures. Knowing about retail means having worked in all of the national malls; it means having developed production for all of the major department stores in Chile. Knowing about retail means having implemented image changes for important national and international chains.

We have implemented interventions in the three main department stores in the country, developing stand alone with exhibition lines and seasonal corners for our clients, as well as development of their own department store brands.

Understanding that retail stores are a fundamental support for a brand's commercial strategy, KITCORP designs, builds and implements all types of projects in malls, strip centers and street stores. Our clients focus on their business, resting on and trusting in our solid experience.

Recognized brands like Adidas, Armani, Columbia, Guante, La CAV, Lacoste, Nike and Reebok, among many others, have put the development and execution of their stores all over the country in our hands.

We have lead important construction and habilitation processes of branches and commercial offices from Arica to the Antarctic territory. Our logistical capacity has allowed us to implement refresh branding for important companies in record time. BCI Bank, Nova Bank, ING Chile, Salcobrand and Servipag are some of the companies that have trusted in us.
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