We are an interdisciplinary team that puts ourselves at the disposition and needs of our clients to offer a well-rounded aproach to complete projects of all scales and complexity.

The blend architecture, construction and equipment is the perfect combination that offers a return on your investment, and KITCORP takes this as both our challenge and responsability.

We share both our knowledge and experience, so that together we work as a team in making yout ideas reality.


Because we are specialists in retail and food architecture

Because our quality standards in construction are the highest in the market.

Because our technical capacity allows us to accurately project the investment equation of our clients.

Because we have a multidisciplinary team that accompanies the client throughout the process.

Because we are a responsible company in the transmission of the real time of execution of the work.

We do not promise anything that we can not fulfill.

Because we are a company with more than 155 people hired.

KITCORP does not work with sub contracts, which gives us solvency and structure, marking at the market level a differentiating and absolutely relevant element.

Because we are a company with more than 16 years of experience in the market.

Conformed by architects, designers, constructors and an efficient administration; our team is the best ally for the development of high impact project nation wide.

Steven Cohn
General Manager

Italo Contenla
Operations Manager

Max Fache
Commercial Manager

Ingrid Díaz
Finance and Administration Manager

We work with the best specialty providers in all of the required areas, such as electrics, sanitary and climate control.


Dedietrich showroom / 1st prize
Guante / 1st prize
TVN / 1st prize
Movistar / 1st prize

Main Office
Av. Santa Clara 301, of 7807 Edificio Patio Mayor 301
Ciudad Empresarial, Huechuraba - Santiago
Phone: +562 2440495 / +562 2479315 / +562 2479316
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