We add value by integrating and administrating all of the stages of the complex processes involved in this competitive market. We seek to develop relationships built on trust, maintaining the principles of strict confidentiality.

Our business model has been internationally recognized by the Endeavor foundation, an institution that foments entrepreneurial activity in emerging markets, and measures innovative aspects of business processes and the capacity to generate employment, among other business indicators.

The work of KITCORP has been published both in and outside the country, in important specialized magazines and newspapers such as Wallpaper, Economía y Negocios, Poder, Vivienda y Decoración, ED and Ambientes.

Conformed by architects, designers, constructors and an efficient administration; our team is the best ally for the development of high impact project nation wide.

Steven Cohn

Nicolás Lipthay
Architecture and Design Director

Italo Contenla
Operations Director

Max Fache
Commercial Manager

Ingrid Díaz
Finance and Administration Manager
We work with the best specialty providers in all of the required areas, such as electrics, sanitary and climate control.
Dedietrich showroom / 1st prize
Guante / 1st prize
TVN / 1st prize
Movistar / 1st prize

Main Office
Av. Santa Clara 301, of 7807 Edificio Patio Mayor 301
Ciudad Empresarial, Huechuraba - Santiago
Phone: 2440495 / 2479315 / 2479316
Fax: 2479318